Later this year, Opus will be releasing a new book: Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour by Cirque du Soleil(« MJTIWT »). 

Great care has been taken by the Estate to not only make sure this book is up to Michael’s tough standards, but that the process of purchasing the book, and Opus’ customer service, is up to the tough standards of Michael’s amazing fans.

Reservations and pre-orders will be taken, BUT customers will not be charged until the actual Opus copies are physically in the distribution depots themselves and ready to be delivered to you. In addition, there will be twice the amount of resources at the printing facility than usual to ensure that there will be no delays.

Finally, there will be a dedicated customer support team put in place to advise and help customers pre and post delivery, in different time zones. They have guaranteed solutions within 48 hours of all inquiries.


Source: MJOnline Team